When it comes to brow shaping in Dallas her customers refer to Laurance (Laura) Khalil as Laura the Brow Queen. Laura, the best brow shaper in Dallas, TX. That title is one she earned during her work at the Estee' Lauder spa in Neiman Marcus' North Park mall. There she started to build the loyal clientele whose word-of-mouth recommendations have made her one of the most sought-after and trusted esthetician in brow shaping and brow wax in Dallas, Texas. Laura is most popular for her skillful work with brow shaping, because the brows form a frame for the eyes. She knows that the perfect arch is an ideal way of highlighting this most important feature of a woman's face, at any age.

Laura The Brow Queen-The Eyebrow expert, professionally uses both wax and tweezers to have the ideal effect in brow shaping. On a first visit, Laura will study the client's facial structure and analyze exactly how to achieve that perfect arch. She never over-waxes or over-tweezes, but with great care she meticulously shapes the brow for a natural, elegant arch according to each client's facial structure. "I'll take what God gave you and use it for the best arching without thinning your brows," Laura says.

She has always preferred well-groomed thick brows to those thin over-plucked ones. On subsequent visits, Laura The Eyebrow Pro grooms and keeps the brow arch. With regular maintenance appointments, the customer's eyebrows need never lose their perfect new shape.

Have you perhaps over-tweezed your eyebrows into skimpy arches? Did your last brow stylist remove too much of your eyebrows with careless waxing? Don't give up hope. Laura the brow queen will work with you to fix and disguise any damage done by previous over-waxing or over-tweezing. Enhancing each woman's health and unique beauty is Laurance's passion. She truly cares about her clients' health and well-being. She wants every one of them to feel more confident and more gorgeous after their appointments with her. For this reasons, clients called her "Laura The Brow Queen," for giving best brow shaping in Dallas, TX.

She sees it as her goal to help women find new beauty and be the very best they can be. "I wake up every morning, just thinking about it," she says.

"The Brow Queen" grew up in Cairo Egypt, in a Christian family. She was the daughter of Rofail Hanna, better known as the musician "Rafla," famed player of the Egyptian santoor, a stringed instrument. Thus, beauty and harmony were always a part of her life, from her earliest childhood. Earlier in her life, Laura's career was in the banking industry. She is married and is the mother of two sons, with whom she stayed home for a few years while they were young. However in her 40s, with her children grown up, Laura yearned for a new challenge, a new career. She became a licensed cosmetologist and began working as an esthetician, performing spa services and beauty treatments

Highlights, Specialties & Features

  • Eyebrow shaping and design
  • Eyelash extensions (30-85 lashes per eye)
  • Benign moles / skin tags / blood leaks / cherry angiomas - first 15 mins
  • Spider veins - first 15 mins
  • Airbrush hand spray tanning

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  Person Laura Khalil
  City Dallas, TX
  Zip Code 75231
  Address 9669 North Central Express Way Suite 250
  Phone Number (214) 682-0840

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Laura Khalil


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Mole/Skin Tag Removal
If you are an individual that has moles, you know that they tend to grow larger. Skintags tend to multiply at every turn. Often, this has left me self-conscience. While dermatologists can be so expensive and insurance will not cover costs unless they test positive as cancerous, I have sought for the right solution for the past year. When I consulted with Laura, she evaluated a large mole on may face and let me know that it had increased in size due to blood/fluids underneath the outer layer of the mole. We discussed her state-of-the-art technology, healing time and expected results. Laura understood that I did not take this mole removal lightly. So she advised that I absorb the information and call her when I was ready to schedule an appt. The mole had also become very sensitive. When a hair appeared and I plucked it, the mole would bleed for hours. With skill and patience, Laura removed the mole effectively and pain-free. I am so pleased with the results. The mole has healed to a flat surface and is less visible. She even took before and after pictures, which tell a great story. Thank you Laura!

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