LLLT utilizes a cold laser that doesn't have the thermal component to cut, burn or vaporize tissue.

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The Hair Restoration market is booming. The numbers are dramatic. 40% of women and 50% of men will experience some type of hair loss in their lifetime. These men and women are desperately looking for new solutions to combat their devastating problem. We are excited to be able to offer Low Level Laser Therapy, a breakthrough for men and women experiencing hair loss or who have thinning hair. This groundbreaking technology will provide a valuable service to your clients while creating a new and profi table revenue stream.

Laser Hair Therapy Consulting Group (LHTG) has over 60 years experience in the hair restoration industry. Our goal is to provide leading salons, spas and hair restoration studios with a Low level Laser Therapy turn key solution for their established thinning hair clients and prospective hair loss clients. Our chief advisor, Vito Mazza, has been the leader in providing hair restoration in New Jersey for almost 4 decades. Vito Mazza Salon, Day Spa and Hair Restoration Facility is family owned and operated with over 70 employees.

Fully upgradeable, which allows for the constant market and laser technology changes. This series has four adjustable arms and can be customized to meet the needs of each individual client. For both hair and skin, this machine is the most versatile option and last laser you'll ever have to buy. With the same design and concept as the Laser Tek 9000, the Laser Tek 12000 raises the bar offering 135 lasers. The ProScope HR is a "must have" for every office. This high resolution microscope connects to your computer via a USB port and utilizes specially designed software.

Q: What is Laser Hair Therapy? A: Laser Hair Therapy is the latest advancement in hair restoration. It's a safe effective way to improve the overall quality of your hair. If you have thinning hair or are balding, laser hair therapy may help you stop your hair loss and strengthen damaged, weak hair shafts. Q: How does it work? A: Laser Therapy provides light energy to the scalp making the hair look healthier, fuller and thicker. Q: Is it safe? A: Laser Hair Therapy utilizes a cool laser, approved by the FDA as a class IIIA cosmetic device.