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  City Sun Prairie, WI
  Zip Code 53590
  Address 125 King Street
  Phone Number (608) 825-4338

I had been waxing my chin hairs and eyebrows for years! Unfortunately, in my case, waxing only looked good for a day OR LESS! Then the hair stubbles would reappear and the embarrassment of being a woman with excessive facial hair set in. I just didn't know any other way of reducing or eliminating the embarrassment of unwanted facial and body hair. Fortunately, my paths crossed with someone who knew about electrolysis. THANK GOODNESS! When I started going to the Sun Prairie Clinic of Electrolysis, I was solely focused on eliminating my unwanted chin hairs. After a few short sessions, I knew electrolysis was the ANSWER TO MY PRAYERS! I have since sought treatment on my lips and forearms. I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW MUCH BETTER I FEEL about myself without all of those unwanted hairs. The staff at Sun Prairie Clinic of Electrolysis is very FRIENDLY and KNOWLEDGEABLE. The clinic is always meticulously clean and they offer appointment times into the evenings. Besides all that, their prices are one of the lowest in town! You will not regret your decision to seek electrolysis treatment at this clinic!