We're the experts who can determine the most efficient course of action for your specific hair removal and skin care requirements. With thirty five years of knowledge in hair removal procedures and many years of practical knowledge in esthetics, we provide quality personalized care with the experience necessary to analyze your hair removal and skin care issues.

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We are a unique professional spa specializing in permanent hair removal and skin care therapies using the latest technology. Our expert professional and medical staff has many years of experience and exposure to the latest equipment and technologies in the hair removal and aesthetic industry.

Q.: Is it permanent? A.: Yes, with a series of treatments over a period of time, electrolysis is permanent. Its permanency is recognized by physicians and by hundreds of scientific articles published in medical journals and literature. In addition to physician and scientific recognition, there are millions of happy and satisfied clients who have solved their excess hair problems with the help of electrolysis. Q.: How much does it cost? A.: Electrolysis in most cases is very affordable. Cost is determined by time increment, which is usually broken down into 15 minute segments.

Electrolysis is a permanent hair removal method. Electrolysis works over time to permanently destroy the hair follicle. With each treatment a percentage of growth will not return. A tiny probe is inserted into the hair follicle releasing a measured amount of electrical current into the follicle, thereby destroying unwanted hairs individually. Although this method may seem archaic, it has proven to be effective for the past 100 years. New technology allows us to modulate the intensity and duration of the current, achieving a much improved accuracy in destroying the follicle as well as improving the comfort level for the client.