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Dyanna Spa - Best Place For Permanent Hair Removal: Electrolysis in Manhattan, New York City.

In the 21st century, the issue of beauty is more relevant than ever before. Women, and increasingly men, spend countless hours and money on beauty treatments, supplies and regimens. These beauty regiments can range from simple manicures, pedicures, massages and facials, to hair removal and anti-cellulite treatments.

Hair removal needs and procedures have grown in popularity across the world. Nowadays, besides the simplest shaving and tweezing, people go to the beauty salons to remove the unwanted hair using wax, laser hair removal, electrolysis, and threading as possible options. Though shaving and waxing may be familiar to most, not everyone knows exactly how electrolysis & laser hair removal works and why opt for electrolysis over alternative options.

Electrolysis is a guaranteed permanent form of hair removal that works on dark and light hair alike (unlike laser hair removal which is much more effective on dark hair) , and is the only permanent hair removal treatment that is FDA approved! With over 125 years on the market, it is the only safe and time-tested method of removing undesired body hair forever. It was developed over a century ago, as a method to remove ingrown eyelash hair and today it is widely used for hair removal on any part of your body.

Electrolysis removes hairs by delivering electrical current to the follicle of the hair, through an ultra-thin metal probe. It causes localized damage to the area that generates hair. The procedure is not painful, and most would describe it as a strong tingling. Patience is virtue when it comes to Electrolysis, because it can be quite time consuming if done on a dense area of hair, because it is done one hair at a time. Therefore, electrolysis it is best for small localized areas like eyebrows, upper lip and chin. In order to achieve best possible permanent results, it requires anywhere from 15-30 treatments.

Electrolysis at Dyanna Body & Nail Salon, which has been voted as a Best of New York Spa for Hair removal s very reasonable priced and quite affordable costing:

5 min………$10
10 min……. . $15
15 min……. . $20
20 min……. . $25
25 min……. . $30
30 min……. . $35

We use disposable needles $1. 00

With wide variety of procedures available today for every little pet peeve you may have, the choice is up to you. However, it is easy to come to a conclusion before knowing all the facts of all available treatments. So our advice is: learn the pros and cons of each and then figure out which option is better for your body, attitude and wallet!
To schedule your electrolysis appointment, visit http://dyannaspa. com or call us at (212) 995-2355

Happy de-hairing!
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Apr 27, 2010

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